Is Mario Fenech Related To Jeff Fenech? Their Relation

Is Mario Fenech Related To Jeff Fenech? Their Relation

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  1. Mario and Jeff Fenech are friends despite not being related by blood. Their bond as friends and former athletes is highlighted.
  2. Mario Fenech’s battle with neurological dementia and how his condition has worsened over the years, leading him to forget his legendary rugby career.
  3. Details about Mario’s wife, Rebecca Fenech, and her role as a supportive partner through his struggles with dementia. She reveals how Mario’s friends and colleagues ridiculed or distanced themselves from him due to his condition.
  4. This is information about Mario’s daughter, Bonnie Fenech, and the scandal she was involved in regarding an alleged illegal party during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  5. Mario Fenech’s net worth of $3 million was earned through his successful rugby career and subsequent work in the entertainment industry, including his association with the TV show “The Footy Show.”
  6. The criticism is directed towards “The Footy Show” for making fun of Mario’s deteriorating health condition due to dementia, as revealed by his wife, Rebecca.
  7. The impact of Mario’s rugby career and the potential connection between his neurological issues and the physical demands of the sport he played at a professional level for an extended period.

Mario Fenech and Jeff Fenech are not related by blood. But the two Maltese Australian athletes go a long way back in their friendship.

Now both the legend of their respective games are suffering from neurological dementia, which has considerably slowed down Mario Fenech.

Recently, Mario Fenech’s wife revealed that the South Sydney Rabbitohs legend’s condition has worsened.

The 60-year-old Australian rugby legend was first diagnosed with the disease seven years ago. Since then, he has even forgotten his legendary sports career.

And more than anyone else, his best friend and sparring partner Jeff Fenech is worried about Mario as well as his deteriorating health condition.

Mario Fenech Quick Facts

Full NameMario Fenech
Date of BirthNovember 11, 1961
Father’s NameAlbert Fenech
Mother’s NameDoris Fenech
Siblings3(Stephen, Joe and Michael)
Spouse’s NameRebecca Fenech
Children2(Joe and Bonnie)
ProfessionFormer Rugby Australian Player/coach of South Sydney Rabbitohs
Mario Fenech Quick Facts

Mario Fenech FAQs

Are Mario Fenech and Jeff Fenech?

Mario Fenech and Jeff Fenech are not related by blood but are long time friends.

Who is Mario Fenech’s wife?

Mario Fenech is married to Rebecca Fenech.

What is Mario Fenech’s Net Worth?

Mario Fenech has net worth of $3 million

Who is Mario Fenech’s daughter?

Mario Fenech’s daughter is Bonnie Fenech.

Which show did Mario Fenech work for?

Mario Fenech previously worked for the show The Footy Show

Mario Fenech and Jeff Fenech are not related by blood but share a special bond of friendship. Many fans have been confused throughout the year because of their last name, but the athletes have always been clear about this matter.

Mario Fenech was born on November 11, 1961, in Malta to his parents, Albert and Doris Fenech. The legendary rugby player was raised alongside three brothers-Stephen, Joe and Michael. No sign of a name Jeff.

The South Sydney Rabbitohs legend’s family migrated to Australia a year after he was born and permanently settled in 1970. Mario became the legend of the Rabbitohs, playing for nine seasons at the South Sydney Club.

And if we have to talk about Jeff Fenech, then the former professional boxer was born to parents Paul Fenech and Mary Fenech on May 28, 1964. The athlete was born and raised alongside his brother Paul Godfrey Anthony Fenech at St Peter’s, Sydney.

The two sporting legends of their respective field, Mario and Jeff, are longtime friends, and Jeff would at times have Mario as his sparring partner. Mario would be present at Jeff’s match, and one time Jeff even wore green and red trunks during one of his matches to pay tribute to Mario’s club South Sydney Rabbitohs.

But sadly, the former athletes suffered from the same disease- dementia. Dr. Rowena Mobbs, a neurologist who cares for both Mario and Jeff, said that Mario’s situation is more concerning compared to Jeff’s.

Recently Mario’s wife, Rebecca, shared that many of Mario’s friends have ridiculed him for his struggle with dementia. Jeff said seeing Mario in his current condition has been scary, and he wouldn’t want to go through the same phase.

Mario Fenech Wife, Rebecca Fenech – Meet The Supportive Wife Of Rugby Legend

Rebecca Fenech, the wife of Mario Fenech, married the rugby legend in 1992. She recently revealed her husband’s struggle with dementia.

Six years ago, at 53, Mario started suffering from dementia, and now the South Sydney Rabbitohs legend remembers noting about his playing career.

Rebecca said her husband would come home pissed off after filming The Footy Show. Mario and his deteriorating condition would be made the butt of jokes in the show.

Mrs. Fenech said that the show would continuously make fun of the sporting legend despite his ongoing public battle with the greave disease.

Rebeccas has revealed the disease to be a silent and lonely killer, and most of Mario’s friends have cut him off, and only Paul Sterling, Paul Vautin, and three others are in contact with him.

Mario’s wife believes playing at the top level for a long time has taken an irreversible toll on his brain. 

Mario Fenech’s Daughter

Mario Fenech’s daughter Bonnie was born in 1997. She is a successful real estate agent and the Australian legend’s only daughter. Bonnie has an older brother in Joe Fenech.

The daughter of the rugby legend has remained silent about her father’s disease and remains out of the public limelight.

In 2021, Bonnie was involved in a scandal where it was rumored that Mario’s daughter had attended an illegal house party.

Amidst the covid pandemic protocols last year, Bonnie was believed to have attended a Maroubra house party and breached the health orders.

But Ben Fordham, reporter of 2GB, got in touch with Bonnie and said that she didn’t attend the part and that her family does not even live in Maroubra.

Recently, Bonnie’s mother, Rebecca, said that the rugby didn’t even remember his son’s wedding and couldn’t remember giving a speech at the ceremony.

Joe was married in April, and the family had a very special night but couldn’t remember a thing the next morning. 

Mario Fenech’s Net Worth – How Much Has The Australian Rugby Legend Made In His Lifetime?

Mario Fenech has a net worth of $ 3 million, which he earned as a rugby star and TV personality. After retiring from football, Mario tried his hands in the entertainment industry, a stint loved by his fans.

Mario has previously worked on commentary duties with 2GB in 2014 and has also published a book titled What’s Doing? in 2001.

Currently, Mario Fenech works as a coach for his former side South Sydney Rabbitohs though he has previously stated he remembers nothing about his playing career with the South Australia side. 

Mario has been a regular contributor on the notorious show story, The Footy Show, the same show his wife has slammed for making fun of him. 

The show ridiculed Mario’s failing health condition and would regularly hit on his head to make fun of the legend.

During his heyday, Mario was one of the biggest players in the rugby league and had thousands of fans chanting his name in the stadiums. 

Footy Show Details – The Australian Show That Made Fun of Mario Fenech’s Dementia

Mario Fenech’s wife, Rebecca, revealed that The Footy Show has constantly made fun of her husband Mario’s health condition.

The Footy Show is an Australian sports and variety entertainment program that involves rotating guests in its panels.

The wife of the rugby legend Mario recently shared heartbreaking details about her husband’s battle with the neurological disease-dementia.

Rebecca said her husband would come home upset after filming as he was made a laughing stock.

She said only three of Mario’s friends from the Footy Show- Paul ‘Fatty Vautin, Peter Sterling, and Steve ‘Blocker’ Roach are in contact with him.

Rebecca said though most of his television colleagues are aware of his situation, they have maintained a distance from the South Sydney Rabbitohs legend.

Mario Fenech’s wife said that they might have been out of contact with Mario because her husband serves as a mirror that is hard for them to look into. 

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