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Tips: The Greatest National Championship Matches in College Volleyball

National Championship Matches in College Volleyball

When it comes to college volleyball, the national championship matches are the pinnacle of the sport, showcasing incredible talent, fierce competition, and unforgettable moments, we’ll explore into some of the greatest national championship matches in college volleyball history. From nail-biting five-set thrillers to dominant displays of skill, these matches have left a lasting mark on the sport.

The main purpose of this article is to highlight and celebrate some of the most significant national championship matches in the history of college volleyball. It aims to:

  1. Showcase the excitement, drama, and high level of competition present in these pinnacle matches of the college volleyball season.
  2. Relive and retell the stories of iconic, memorable national championship clashes from past years that have left a lasting legacy in the sport.
  3. Spotlight the incredible talent, skill, and determination displayed by players and teams in these high-stakes championship matches.
  4. Emphasize the significance and importance of winning a national championship, which represents the ultimate dream and achievement for college volleyball programs.
  5. Provide historical context and background on classic rivalries and matchups that have produced epic national championship encounters.
  6. Celebrate the rich tradition and history of college volleyball by recounting these unforgettable championship moments.
  7. Showcasing the drama, competitiveness, and greatness of these marquee matches will inspire fans, players, and enthusiasts.

Aims to capture the essence of what makes national championship matches in college volleyball so compelling and memorable, highlighting the top-level competition, individual performances, and enduring legacy of these iconic clashes in the sport.


Winning a national championship is the ultimate dream for teams and players alike. These matches represent the culmination of months of hard work, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Let’s relive the excitement and drama of the greatest national championship clashes.

2008 – Penn State vs. Stanford

The 2008 national championship match between Penn State and Stanford stands out as one of the most thrilling encounters in the sport’s history. Penn State, led by legendary coach Russ Rose, was aiming for its second consecutive national title. Stanford, on the other hand, was determined to dethrone the reigning champions.

The Showdown

In an epic five-set battle, Penn State emerged victorious, with Megan Hodge delivering a performance for the ages. Her 26 kills and incredible all-around play were instrumental in Penn State’s 3-2 victory, securing back-to-back national championships.

1989 – Long Beach State vs. Nebraska

The 1989 national championship clash between Long Beach State and Nebraska is etched in the annals of college volleyball as a showcase of power and determination.

The Battle of Titans

Long Beach State, led by the formidable Tara Cross-Battle, faced off against Nebraska, a team known for its relentless defense. In a dramatic four-set match, Long Beach State overcame Nebraska’s staunch resistance to claim the championship.

2016 – Stanford vs. Texas

In 2016, Stanford and Texas collided in a championship match that left spectators in awe of the athleticism and skill on display.

The High-Stakes Showdown

Stanford’s Inky Ajanaku and Texas’s Micaya White were the stars of the show, showcasing their dominance at the net. Stanford ultimately prevailed in a thrilling five-set battle, securing their seventh national title.

1995 – UCLA vs. Nebraska

The 1995 national championship match between UCLA and Nebraska showcased the enduring rivalry between West Coast and Midwest volleyball powers.

A Clash of Styles

UCLA’s finesse and precision met Nebraska’s power and determination head-on. In a five-set thriller, UCLA emerged victorious, capturing their fourth national championship.

2018 – Stanford vs. Nebraska

In 2018, Stanford and Nebraska met again in the national championship, renewing their rivalry with another epic showdown.

Redemption and Glory

Stanford, seeking redemption for their 2016 loss to Texas, displayed unmatched determination. Led by Kathryn Plummer, Stanford defeated Nebraska in a convincing three-set sweep, securing their eighth national title.


These are just a few of the greatest national championship matches in college volleyball history. Each match brought its own unique blend of drama, skill, and heart-pounding moments to the sport. These contests serve as a testament to the enduring legacy of college volleyball and continue to inspire future generations of athletes.

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