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Can the Perfect Proper Golf Swing Be Achieved?

Proper Golf Swing

Those people who have had the advantage of watching professional golfers at play, from a vantage point, should have an idea of what a near perfect swing looks like. As the sport of golf becomes more and more popular around the world, more and more people strive to attain the near perfect and proper golf swing. Though the game has now been around for quite some time, it started out in a small way and was played only by those people who had a lot of spare time on their hands.

Dating back from the 80’s, when the game of golf had steadily grown into a mainstream sport, the debate on the perfect swing with ghost spider putter has continued unabated. Many professional golfers have been attributed with having the perfect golf swing and they include Nick Faldo, Ben Hogan and Jack Nicklaus. Each one was declared as the undisputed king of the swing. But, arguably, the “perfect” golf swing still eludes description and again, arguably, no particular golfer can be stated to have the perfect swing, though they may all have the proper golf swing.

Even today, avid fans of the game continue to argue about the perfect golf swing; with the name of Tiger Woods figuring prominently in each debate. It is said that because of the unprecedented success that Tiger Woods is enjoying in the game with taylormade ghost spider putter, his swing must be consistent. Woods does have that something in his swing but it would be presumptuous to state that even Tiger has the “perfect” swing.

The obsession to attain the perfect swing has destroyed many a golfer, professional and amateurs alike. This obsession has made them loose sight of the other aspects of the game and its skills. Some obsessed golfers have spent all their spare time watching videos, reading golf swing instructions and listening to anybody and everybody who professes to give tips on how the attain the perfect golf swing with taylormade atv wedge. And since the 90’s, when golf became a popular game, there is no dearth of books, videos, instructional guides and golf classes to cater to those on the way to achieve the perfect golf swing.

For a long time golfers could not come to a consensus on what a perfect golf swing is, based on the various hints and tips that have been offered and that they have tried. In fact, most of the offered tips have left them a confused lot resulting in inconsistent game play that has left them frustrated. The obsession to get the perfect golf swing with taylormade atv wedge review so affected their game that they even lost tournaments and their rankings, one of the causes of the temporary but significant decline of the game in the 90’s.

There was a turning point in the history of golf due to the vision of one man and a machine. The man was Byron Nelson, who was supposed to have the best swing in the world of golf and the machine, actually a robot, was one invented by George Manning. The machine was specifically designed to replicate Byron Nelson’s swing. The machine was aptly named the Iron Byron.

The accuracy and consistency of the Iron Byron was noticed by many people and they thought that if they could analyze the swing of the robot, they could copy it and achieve the perfect swing.

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